R-Camp and Teen Camp

R-Camp (8 years to 8th grade) and Teen Camp are week-long overnight summer camps that are attended by children, college and adult volunteers. Participants come from diverse social, economic, cultural, generational and ethnic groups. We are family!

  • At R-Camp and Teen Camp, campers learn to:
  • Seek God and His kingdom first
  • Become disciples of Jesus Christ
  • Grow in leadership skills
  • Serve one another
  • Grow in environmental stewardship
  • Build relationships
  • Have fun

Spiritual Benefits of R-Camp and Teen Camp

  • Strengthens everyone’s relationship with our creator, God
  • Establishes a foundation for life-long friendships
  • Makes faith fun and attractive for youth
  • Gives youth heroes in the faith (counselors) who are cool, courageous, and sanctified
  • Gives youth the hope of being able to live as Jesus lived
  • Becomes a catalyst to initiate Bible studies with teens
  • Helps to prepare graduating seniors to enter campus ministry
  • Establishes spiritual disciplines of Bible study, prayer, fellowship, and discipleship – a spiritual foundation upon which they can build
  • Provides the opportunity to share Jesus with friends and family who can join them at camp
  • Provides leadership training
  • Builds community and teaches the values of serving, hard work, initiative, creativity, responsibility, and perseverance
Camp Miracles

Camp Miracles is a program focused on serving socially and emotionally disadvantaged youth and is held at Camp Hope for Kids. Activities are held in natures’ outdoor classroom where emphasis is on learning to become Environmental Stewards. We also emphasize job training and advanced academic preparation at Camp Hope for Kids.

Perhaps the most valuable part of the experience is the interaction with R Camp and Teen Camp participants, mentors and counselors (college students from across the United States). Vision for a different approach to dealing with life challenges is transferred and hope is inspired. Miracles happen in this innovative education program approved by  the State of Pennsylvania. Faith and friendship strengthen all who come to Camp Hope for Kids.

Environmental Education

EITC approved by the State of PA as an Innovative Environmental Educator since 2009
We encourage camp participants to make active choices that promote environmental sustainability and help them grow in their stewardship of the environment.

We do this by providing fun filled:

  • Outdoor experiences
  • Mentors, peers and friends who embrace nature’s miracles
  • Teachers who raise awareness and build knowledge of the environment