The Case to Grow and Continue


Do you believe that
  • Inner city kids want a sanctuary from drugs and violence, where they can be safe enough to just be kids?
  • Suburban kids benefit from building lifelong memories with others who come from a wide range of backgrounds?
  • Socially and emotionally challenged kids deserve a place to share summer fun with peers who may or may not have similar difficulties making their way in the world?
  • Children from a variety of emotional, social, financial, and cultural circumstances can learn to work as a team to serve the world and the people who inhabit it?

If these are among your Christian core values … what will you do to make them a reality?

Coming Together to Change Lives

At Camp Hope for Kids, we are changing children’s lives by connecting kids from widely different backgrounds with each other, with caring and consistent mentors, and with nature’s miracles. Since 1992, a group of dedicated individuals has banded together to build community and inspire the lives of both privileged and socially and financially disadvantaged youth – not by keeping them separate, but by bringing them together each summer in a beautiful 88-acre camp facility in Pennsylvania. More than 25,000 kids have built lasting friendships, memories and a vibrant spiritual community at Camp Hope for Kids over the past 22 years.

Programs that Build Character, Create Memories

It is said that miracles happen at Camp Hope for Kids for a reason. It brings children between the ages of 8 to 18 to overnight camp for as short as a week up to as long as three months. Children arrive from many different places, physically and emotionally. Inner city neighborhoods in North Philadelphia and other cities across our country and other countries. They come to learn to love and care across all boundaries as they have fun and grow and give to one another. Younger kids enjoy camp programs together and teens have special camping programs of their own. Held in nature’s outdoor classroom, the emphasis is on teaching Christian values, leadership skills, teamwork, and learning to become environmental stewards and promote environmental sustainability. Campers build strong life changing relationships with counselors and mentors who are teens and adults dedicated to helping each child reach his or her full potential.

Many of the children who come from North Philadelphia have also participated in Saturday Academy; a program offered during the school year for socially and emotionally disadvantaged children in North Philadelphia by HOPE worldwide, the Greater Philadelphia Church of Christ and the drug recovery program One Day at a Time. Staff, counselors and mentors at Camp Hope for Kids have developed character-building lessons that are taught at the Saturday Academy, using summer sports and activities as well as a detailed curriculum on the environment to teach all kids teamwork, self-respect, and respect of the environment and each other. For many of the camp’s attendees, the camp also emphasizes job training and advanced academic preparations, which are key features of Saturday Academy.

Most importantly, the camping programs for children and teens bring together 500 kids every week-3000 each summer-from widely different circumstances. Many attendees return year after year to enjoy sports, arts and crafts, talent shows, rock climbing and other fun activities that build lasting friendships and memories that will remain with them forever.

Core Values of All Programs

Camp Hope for Kids teaches the values and tradition of the Christian faith. While we are faith based, we are not faith biased. Our emphasis is on providing all attendees with the opportunity to live a safe, vibrant, culturally diverse and accepting community that we hope will cultivate future leaders and responsible citizens. Our goal is to build community and teach the values of serving, hard work, initiative, creativity, responsibility and perseverance.

Mentoring is an important component of all our camp programs. College-age and adult counselors work closely with all our campers to model values and leadership skills. Frequently individuals who have come to camp for years transition into counselor-in-training roles as teens (affectionately called The Crew), and counselor roles as they reach college age. They hope to share what they have learned with the next generation of campers.

Spiritual Benefits

Faith and friendship strengthen all who come to Camp Hope for Kids. At a time in their lives when children may have little exposure to Jesus – or think faith is not “cool” – the camp helps establish a foundation for like long friendships and makes faith fun and attractive to kids. Our counselors offer campers heroes in the faith who are hip and courageous. Camp can become a catalyst to initiate Bible studies with teens and establish spiritual disciplines in prayer, fellowship and discipleship. Our Teen Camp programs help to prepare graduating high school seniors to enter campus ministry when they head to college.

Turn Your Beliefs into Action

If you believe that all children deserve the opportunity to spend time in a happy, safe, fun and nurturing place where they can learn to succeed in life…and that by mentoring children from diverse circumstances and sharing our values with them we can create productive citizens and leaders for the future…if you believe these things, we hope you will join us in supporting this Campaign for Camp Hope for Kids.

Our goal is in sight!

We are pleased to report that before March 31, 2017, the Camp will be secure, Lord willing. Please remember to pray for this reality.

We Need Your Help

Today the future of this incredible camping experience needs your help. The site at which more than 3,000 children and their mentors arrive each summer will soon be secure. With your help we can continue to improve the buildings and other infrastructure as well as provide scholarships for needy campers and mentors.

As our programs grow, we continue to pass on a legacy of hope, education, upward mobility and love.

What will your gift make possible?

Download a map of the camp

  • Physical spaces for our kids
  • 88 wooded acres with overnight cabins
  • 500-person bed capacity
  • Swimming pool
  • Four basketball courts
  • Archery range
  • Gaga courts
  • Soccer fields
  • Tennis courts
  • Baseball field
  • Rock climbing wall
  • Two gymnasiums
  • Arts and crafts center
  • Boating and fishing
  • Two zip lines (500 feet each) over a river-fed lake